Benefits for the Life of Your Home

Do You Own a Home that Needs Isolation?

Are You a Framer With Barns?

Whether you have a pole building or residential property – our closed-cell foam insulation works great for anyone.


Unlike fiberglass, closed-cell foam insulation saves you money on energy bills each month, generally leading to 38 percent reduction. Closed-cell foam insulation does not shrink, ensuring that you enjoy its benefits for life. It provides an effective barrier against moisture, reduces the risk of mold growth, and eliminates drafts from the wind, keeping your home at a consistent temperature.

We offer insulation for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Pole Buildings.
  • Metal Buildings.
  • Brick Buildings.
  • Concrete Buildings.
  • Closed-Cell Foam Insulation.

Our Service Areas

We provide our closed-cell foam insulation services to South Haven and surrounding cities, including all the West Metro and Brainerd Lakes areas. Our services are available Monday through Friday, but we accept calls during the weekend to set you up with an appointment or free quote.


We Would Love to Help You

If you have any queries regarding the product, get in touch with our experts. Our professional staff is ready to assist you in finding the insulation that fits your needs.